Rest & Recovery – An integral part of Training & Living

Most people forget that rest and recovery are an integral part of training and reaching goals. Some people who are schedule orientated find themselves in the same routine week after week. There’s nothing wrong with a schedule, but in terms of training, the body is put through some incredible stress between working, training and life. Thus, the body needs to breakaway from stress with rest and recovery.

There are various ways to integrate rest and recovery into your training model. Working with a personal trainer can integrate a recovery week for you to restore the body and mind. Other methods of integrating rest are through foam rolling, reducing movement load (example walking or going to yoga instead of train), restore the body with massage or another hands-on treatment. Depending on the intensity, you may have to exit the gym for several days to get the body fully recovered.

Why recover? Our bodies are not machines and the muscular and fascial system require a break (and lots of hydration!). Each time we strength train we micro-tear the muscles, which needs repaired through sound nutrition and time away from training. Poor nutrition and over-training leads to a variety of issues from injury to altering sleep patterns.

So whether you want to climb a mountain, run a marathon or improve your cardiovascular health, everyone’s training model requires rest, recovery and a break to repair and start fresh from the top.

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