Good Posture vs. Bad Posture

Have you ever wondered why a ballerina has amazing posture? Or why an individual who has a desk job has poor posture?

Well we are here to let you know why. The body, muscles in particular, adapt to the lines of stress placed upon it. For example, if someone is sedentary and works a desk job, eventually gravity will continue to pull the body toward the ground, thus creating that hunchback-like posture. On the other hand, a yogi or ballerina who is lengthening muscles and fascia may have an erect, tall and open posture.

This is known as Davis’s Law. In simple terms, our soft tissue models imposed demands. This law is the reason why we have poor posture if leaving the body untrained and sedentary. When training the soft tissue will adapt to its demand and restructure, lengthen and improve with consistent work.

So if you have wondered why your posture is not up to par, think about your lifestyle and what changes you could make to better improve your muscle’s posture and function.

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