It’s Movember not November

Halloween usually kick-starts the fall and winter holiday season with sweet treats and loads of unhealthy eating. Well the good news is that November 1 is here! Why is that good news? Because it’s Movember not November! It’s the time of the year where things are not too hectic yet with holiday shopping and parties. That means there’s still time to incorporate movement into your daily and fitness routine.

Most people have this attitude of letting things go and say, “I’ll start working out or eating healthier at the new year.” This mindset sabotages more than your fitness routine, it’s a mindset that will translate into various areas of  life. Each day we are given opportunities to grow and to better our health, but we often let that opportunity pass us.

And one issue with letting ourselves go throughout the holiday season makes it ten times more challenging to get back on track in January. This is because our bodies feel sluggish from overindulgence of alcohol and sweet treats. In addition, to a lack of movement. Many individuals take drastic measures at the start of the year, which sets one up for failure. Because many individuals drastically cut calories while drastically increasing exercise. The two components do not go hand in hand with each other.

The point is that you have the opportunity to start changing your life today! Getting into the routine and habit now, will create further successful goals in your future!

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