Happy New Year! What’s your Resolution?

2014 is here, and hopefully the holiday schedules have settled  back to “normal.” Most people tend to go a bit overboard with the holiday eating, and find that the New Year opens doors to fresh, clean eating and implementing a workout regimen. For years, people have set New Year goals to find that 8-12 weeks later something is not working for them.

If you are one of these go-get-it and eventually quit, there’s a reason why diet and exercise is not working. So  now is the time to be honest with yourself and determine what has worked and what has not? Discovering what works for you is the most important attribute to know that you’ll succeed with your endeavors and goals.

Also, many have a misconception that working out is an “all or nothing” task, when that is not true. Whether it’s small bouts of movement, or being able to commit to a solid program two to three days per week, the body needs to  move in order to stay healthy and free of pain. 

Now is your chance to prove to yourself that your resolution is achievable! And we’re always here to help!

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