Why cross train in the summer?

Summer, that time of year where the sun is out and that time to play outdoors. It’s an ideal time to cross train since there are plenty of indoor and outdoor opportunities to move. From histanding_on_mountainking to SUPing, the opportunities are near endless.

Cross training is ideal to avoid the risk of overuse injury as well as stimulates different movements, thus the body doesn’t adapt or plateau as easily. In addition, the stimulation over-rides boredom and effortless movements by “doing the same old thing.” The same rules apply while working out in the gym.

Many people want to look good and “get in shape” for the summer especially for large weight loss goals. However, getting in shape requires time. So if you are “out of time” the best idea is to cross train throughout the summer. This means incorporating different cardio, strength and movement exercises to keep the muscles and body stimulated.

If overdone, the body can easily over-train, but when training smart, and including workouts such as yoga and Pilates  the stimulates range of motion, flexibility and bodyweight / core strength. Plus, its sustainable. Sitting for the majority of the day is taxing on the body and when going from one extreme sedentary movement to the hard-core working out everyday of the week, this leads to injury and overuse. And that’s where cross training truly benefits because people can sustain an exercise program long-term. In  addition, the stimulation will benefit for those “quick” summer getting in shape goals.


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