Cardio versus Strength Training

This old question still pops up with trainer’s today. Should I do cardio or strength training?

The answer is simple, both. Some people respond better with doing “more” of one mode than the other, but both are beneficial. For example, if you want to run a marathon, cardio will predominantly rule in your training. However, runners highly benefit when they incorporate resistance and flexibility training.

However, muscle expends more calories at rest than fat. Therefore, resistance training is vital for every-body to maintain muscle mass, which increases the resting metabolic rate. Resistance training occurs through bodyweight training, weight training and mind-body exercises such as Yoga, Pilates and Barre.

In essence, both are beneficial and one training method does not rule out the other.

Another question commonly asked is, “Should I do weight training before or after cardio?”

That is a personal preference, but typically weight training includes more concentration and mental focus. In addition, weight training and metabolic conditioning can build up lactic acid in the system, which eventually can be “burned” in post-weight training cardio sessions.

Most injuries occur  because of overuse due to high repetitions or repeating the same motion over and over. Therefore, when balancing cardio and strength training the body adapts and moves through a balanced exercise program.

Happy training!

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