On Site Massage: Schedule Link, Price Fees & Times

Hello 1800 9th Avenue Tenants,

Starting Thursday, March 27, 2013, On-site Massage will be available at the 1800-Fit Gym!

Massage will take place in the room adjacent to the manager’s office. All table massages will be clothed. However, if you prefer the traditional oil massages, please contact Charles at feddc@hotmail.com to make special arrangements before your massage.

Charles, our massage therapist, will be scheduling his own appointments and taking his own payments. Follow these steps to schedule an appointment. You can also see the screen shots attached below to visually show you how to schedule via schedulicity.

– Please visit https://www.schedulicity.com/Home/ and register an account.

-Search “Knead a Break” in Seattle, WA

-Click “Schedule Now” for Knead a Break, which shows a Koala Profile Picture & an address for Rainier Ave South.

-Click the Blue “Schedule Now” again and price fees will show up.

-Select what time length you desire, and re-click the Koala picture that says “1800 Fit.”

-Click “Pick Date/Time” and search what times you want on the calendar.

-You’re good to go from there!

Price Fees
10 minutes – $15
15 minutes – $20
20 minutes – $25
30 minutes – $35
Longer appointments can be arranged with Charles directly at feddc@hotmail.com

To learn more about Charles, see his message and bio below!
“I have been practicing massage since 2005.  In 2006, I graduated from Ashmead (presently Everest).  I wanted to find a way to help my family and friends recover from nagging injuries and also promote a healthier life style.  As a stress reliever, I play semi-pro football (national champion ’09) and am a father and take life as it comes.  I truly believe that we need to take care of ourselves since most of society has us geared to take care of others.  I’ve studies a few massage modalities such as Lomi Lomi, pregnancy massage, acupressure, cupping , swedish,  deep tissue, trigger point therapy and sport massage.  I’ve been a TA (teachers assist) for Ashmead and also had the pleasure of teaching  chair massage to students  and professional alike.  I worked with some major companies in the Puget Sound to bring health and wellness to their establishments and to create a better work environment.  All in all, I love what I do.  Give yourself permission to take care of you.”

Screen Shots Below on how to schedule an appointment.
Search “Knead a Break” in Seattle, WA

Screenshot 2014-03-21 09.57.57


Click “Schedule now” on Knead a Break


Screenshot 2014-03-21 09.58.24(3)


Click Schedule Now again

Screenshot 2014-03-21 09.58.41


Select Your Service. And Click 1800 Fit, the Koala Picture
Screenshot 2014-03-21 09.59.08

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