Do you want to try out our personal training program? Get 5 30-minute sessions for only $100! This offer is available for individual, partner and small group training (price is per person). Offer valid for first time clients only. All sessions must be used within 2 weeks (10 business days).
For small groups, the price is per person and must have a minimum of 3 people. All packages include a free assessment and strategy development session.

For our regular priced programs 5 session packages must be used within 1 month, 10 session packages used within 8 weeks and 20 sessions used within 3 months. Expiration dates start on the first training session.

At 1800 Fit We Change Lives!

Individual Personal Training

Are you looking to take a break from work to get fit? Do you need to recover from a previous injury and gradually work your way back into exercising? Whether you want to bust a sweat, lose weight or rehab an injury, our 1800 Fit team is here to build you a program and progress you to where you want to go. All sessions are 30-minutes in length and incorporate a combination of strength training, metabolic conditioning and self-myofascial release. Our well-rounded programs are individually catered to your needs and current fitness level. If you are ready to take control of your health and fitness levels, call or email us at 206-576-2017 |

To view the current price listings for all our personal training programs, please view the store located under the “login” tab.
Individual Session – $40
5 Sessions – $175
10 Sessions – $300
20 Sessions – $500

Small Group Personal Training

Cost effective and fun our Small Group Personal Training (SGPT) sessions give you the energy and fitness for your life activities. What is SGPT? Very simply SGPT is a personalized fitness program performed in a group setting. Each SGPT session is 30 minutes long and has from 3 to 6 people per group. Take advantage of the opportunity to minimize the cost of personal training yet maximize personal attention to form, technique, alignment and results. SGPT also benefits you with the social element of exercise – achieve your fitness goals alongside your friends, co-workers and fellow members. This training environment provides accountability, encouragement, education, safety and social support. Get the motivation, commitment, confidence and success you’ve been looking for with SGPT.

If interested in Small Group Personal Training please contact the manager at or 206-576-2017 to schedule your Strategy Development Session. This helps us determine how best to meet your fitness needs. The session will help determine your goals, time frame for meeting those goals, time commitment to the program and an initial workout to assess your current abilities.

For SGPT sessions there must be a minimum of 3 participants. There is still room in our Tue/Thur 12-12:30pm sessions, contact us today!
Individual Sessions – $30
5 Sessions – $125
10 Sessions – $200
20 Sessions – $300

Partner Personal Training

Are you and a colleague looking to save money and get fit together? Our partner personal training balances individualized exercises and interactive partner exercises. The program will include a combination of strength and metabolic exercises to keep heart rates up and calories burning. For any questions, please contact us at | 206-576-2017
Individual Session – $35
5 Sessions – $150
10 Sessions -$250
20 Sessions – $400
*Price is per person

Meet Our Trainers

Elizabeth Kovar M.A.
Elizabeth has been working in fitness since 2007 and received a Master of Arts Degree in Recreation & Tourism where she implemented her thesis, “Yoga Programs for People with Movement Disabilities” to stage 1-2 Parkinson’s research study. Kovar studied yoga in 6 different countries and also presents for the fitness companies ACE & BOSU. She’s lived abroad in Australia, Germany and India. Kovar was named PFP Media’s “Personal Trainer of the Month” for Nov. 2016 and 2014’s “Top 50 Hottest Trainers in America.”

American Council on Exercise Personal Trainer
American Fitness Aerobics Association Group Fitness Instructor
Yoga Alliance 318 Hours
TRX Level 1 Group Training
TRX Level 2 Sports Medicine
NW MS Fitness Instructor

Areas of Expertise
Weight Loss
Back Pain
Core Development
Stress Management
Metabolic Conditioning
Plant-based Nutrition
Mind-Body Exercise
Work-Life Balance