Whole, Raw Fruit: The Benefits

There’s a reason that health care providers and fitness experts recommend a balanced diet with plenty of fruits. Quite a few reasons, actually. Here are a few things you’ll consume when eating a piece of your favorite fruit:

  • Fiber, which helps maintain gastrointestinal regularity and reduces the risk of heart disease.
  • Folate, which helps reduce a pregnant woman’s risk for giving birth to a child with defects in the brain or spinal cord.
  • Potassium, which helps your body maintain a healthy blood pressure.
  • Vitamin A, which helps your body fight off infections and maintain healthy eyes and skin.
  • Vitamin C, which helps your teeth stay healthy and assists your body in the healing process when you experience a cut or wound. Vitamin C promotes immune health and function.

Every fruit offers innumerable nutrients and benefits. But what is most important to know is that fruit is a main component of anti-inflammatory diets. So next time you decide to eat, consume some fruit for a healthy, nutrient-rich meal.

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