What’s Your Relationship with Food?

There are countless diets out there and has created a mountain of stress when it comes to eating. And this is not necessarily binge eating or eating because of stress as there are many people out there who do not stress eat. However, it is common to see people bouncing back and forth, or getting on and getting off diets or eating guidelines. Chronic dieters damage their relationship with food mainly due to constant confusion of what’s good or bad.

Chronic dieters will experience:
-Decreased Metabolic Rate
-Increased urge to Binge Eat
-Increased feelings of Deprivation
– Increased Physical Fatigue
-Decreased Ability to Build Muscle
-Increased Stress or Preoccupation with Food

Long-term health and vitality does not come through a diet of a 21-day eating program. It comes through awareness and intention of changing your perceptions with food and eating habits. Chronically stressing about food or every calorie you eat does more harm than good. So what to do next? Stay posted to our future posts, which will discuss the various types of dieters out there and the struggles that are involved.

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