1800 Fit Philosophy

At 1800 Fit our purpose is to provide a fun and dynamic fitness facility for beginners, fitness enthusiasts, and athletes with an emphasis on introducing new and innovative forms of exercise. We provide professional guidance and services that address all components of fitness in order to look, feel, and perform your best.

We believe there is more to fitness than countless hours on a stationary machine or allowing a trainer to count repetitions while you repeat the same old-style circuit equipment. To us fitness is about being on your feet, moving in multiple directions, getting stronger in your core, and exercising by replicating many of the activities you encounter in real life. Exercising in this manner along with proper nutritional habits will help ensure fitness and performance well into your adult life!

Our results driven programs and services are designed to get you involved with our fitness professionals. Our individualized approach to fitness allows us to keep clients on track and help ensure results.

All programs offer an initial Fitness Assessment and Strategy Development Session to determine goals, fitness ability, strength and performance levels, and your starting point for tracking progress. We also coach you in our methods of exercise before getting started in a regular training program in order to ensure your success. Participation in our programs will provide you with increased muscle endurance, power, stamina and tremendous weight loss, if desired. We look forward to working with you.  

Performance Cross Training

You want to lose weight, you will. You want to gain strength, you will, You want to have more energy, you will. You want to be in the best shape of your life, you will with Performance Cross Training at 1800 FIT.

At 1800 FIT we developed and specialize in a fun and dynamic form of training called Performance Cross Training or PXT. Simply put 1800 Fit provides health and fitness results in an uplifting, positive and inclusive environment. Continue reading to learn more about PXT.

Key Elements of PXT include

Strengthen the Core

Our system emphasizes joint mobility and core stability first. Building a foundation on correct movement patterns, hip and abdominal strength, creating mobility, stability and strength throughout the body. We often begin with a functional movement screen then progress initially by using the body’s own weight in exercises until we are sure of a client’s ability to move properly and has developed adequate core stability and strength.

Multi Directional and Multi-Plane Movement

PXT is based on principles of bio mechanics that concentrate on the body’s natural movement patterns in multiple directions. Most traditional exercise machines work muscles in only a singular plane. Real life takes place in three planes. Our exercises integrate the three planes of motion: front and back, side-to-side, and twisting, preparing the participant for the true demands of any physical activity; thus reducing the chance for injury. The Performance X Training system uses conditioning techniques that take into account the ways you actually move in respect to your daily and sport activities.

Balance and Coordination

The Performance X Training system also emphasizes balance, coordination and body awareness in everyday activities in a way that traditional resistance training does not. Rather than focusing on isolated muscles, our approach uses multi-plane, multidirectional exercises that challenge and improve balance and coordination. This reduces the potential for injury and allows the body to move more efficiently, with less effort.

Metabolic Conditioning

High intensity intervals of cardio for power and endurance utilizing sports specific drills, body weight exercises, plyometrics, kettle bells and cardio equipment.

Tailored to Your Lifestyle

The PXT approach can be tailored to your busy schedule, specific physical demands, the athletic activities you enjoy, or to alleviate pain and disability thereby enhancing your health and wellbeing while helping prevent injuries.