Train like an Olympic Athlete

Every four years, the Olympics inspire millions of Americans with their skill, speed, power and grace. From snowboarding to ice skating, Olympic athletes put forth thousands of hours to train for these events. So what do they focus on?

It depends on the event, but Olympic athletes balance time between training for their event and training at the gym. For example, if someone wants to become a faster speed skater, the skater needs to skate and incorporate speed and power training into his routine.

Generally, the four common “goals” to training is to increase muscular strength and endurance, cardiovascular endurance and flexibility. Speed, power, velocity and quickness are components of strength, cardio and flexibility.

So how do you train like an athlete?

First, getting the mind and head into the game is essential. Thoughts are powerful and can make or break you routines and outlook on training. Second, you need to establish a baseline if you have not done so. This means that your body requires stability, mobility and a cardio  baseline before integrating higher bouts of intensity. If you have this established and been strength training than you are ready to push yourself further to more explosive movements  and/or Olympic weightlifting.

Box Jumps, Lateral Bounds and Cleans are just some of the exercises these guys work on. Get inspired now before its too late and the inspiration is put off for another 4 years.

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