How Many Calories do you eat on Thanksgiving?

Astounding research conducted by the American Council on Exercise has shown that the average Thanksgiving meal contains near 3,000 calories and 229 grams of fat. If one includes the snacking before the meal, total calories skyrocket to consume 4,500 calories in total. ACE’s chief exercise physiologist stated that for a 160 pound person, he or she would need to run for four hours, swim for five hours or walk 30 miles just to burn off the 3,000 calories.

A pound is 3,500 calories. So in essence, many Americans are eating just about or over one pound of calories for Thanksgiving meal. Usually, Halloween kick-starts the “bad eating” with sugary treats, and Thanksgiving is the start to over-eating.

Mind-shifts and perceptions about eating do not change overnight, and must be practiced to make these habits automatic. Here are a couple reminders about overeating on the holidays.

-It’s not the tryptophan that makes you sleepy. It’s the quantity of food we eat. There are other meats that contain higher grams of tryptophan than turkey. It’s the combination of heavy, dense foods that lead to this tired feeling.

-The turkey is not going to fly away from the table. If you are afraid you won’t get to enjoy enough of your favorite foods, pack a  meal to-go. Two meals is better than one anyways.

-Most people get excited about eating holiday meals. And who can blame them? But that excitement sometimes leads to scarfing the food, which leads to overfilling our stomachs. It takes the brain and stomach twenty-minutes to connect in order to distinguish the body is full. This is where eating slowly comes in handy. This allows the stomach to determine it’s full before the brain realizes it.

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