What is HIIT all about?

HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training is the most bang for your buck in terms of caloric exercise burn. Sitting at your desk all day is mundane and obviously a low calorie burning “activity.”

HIIT does not necessarily mean high impact, so every body can HIIT based on their current fitness level, skill and ability. HIIT training incorporates a work to rest ratio where you push it during that work time and allow your body to rest for a period of time to refresh the body and legs to perform the next bout of work. The higher intensity movement pushes the body to produce more work and volume versus steady state movement.

HIIT training can be done in a class format or is part of a personal training program. HIIT is another name for metabolic conditioning, which works the body in the higher energy system, thus producing more caloric output and EPOC.

EPOC is known as that “After burn” where bodies who produced a lot of work can experience EPOC for up to 36 hours after a hard workout. So that means your caloric output, or metabolism, is burning more calories after working out. Pretty cool huh?

Next time you want to mix it up, choose HIIT, but remember it’s smart to work with a professional so they can guide you toward the most effective yet safe methods….as you don’t want to overload on acidosis….more on that later!

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