Body Weight Training

Body weight training has been a popular training tool for the last couple years. Using various equipment, like the TRX, BOSU and Olympic rings, clients can train their bodies differently versus training on a machine.

Here are some reasons on why you should train with your own body weight:

-It’s “flexible” – People can train directly with gravity, or on angles to build up to training against gravity appropriately.

-Unstable Surfaces – Using stability balls, BOSU’s and feet in the TRX features a unique approach to training while standing or placing body parts on an unstable surface. This challenges the core to stabilize and brace in various positions.

-You can take it anywhere – Many corporate employees travel, and when you learn to train your body using gravity, that tool can be take to any hotel or park when you travel.

-It’s Fun – Exploring what your body can do is fun and exciting. Watching your skills progress builds confidence, strength and self-esteem.

There are countless ways to train with your own body weight. Start with the basics, and gradually progress to more creative ideas when you have the “hang” of using your weight and equipment. Happy Training!

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