Achieving Your Fitness Goal

There are many philosophies and opinions on how to achieve your fitness goals. For some, achieving their fitness goal is taken as serious as life or career goals. Below are three powerful tools to push you toward goals. And like most goal setting, it’s your mindset what makes or breaks your success.

When you set a goal, adopt these three qualities to meet your end result.


First, you must have a burning desire to achieve the goal. How strongly or how important is that goal? How will reaching your goal change your life? For some, achieving their fitness goal may mean participating in an event that they never dreamed they could before they got fit and healthy. For others, movement transforms their life to elevate their mood or maybe not be so winded when they play with their kids.


Second,you must have a strong belief that the goal is possible and within reach. This is where your mindset comes in. Our society is pretty negative about many things. What you believe, you will achieve. If you have that negative voice in the back of your head saying, “I can’t. I’m not strong enough,” then this is a clear indicator that you do not believe in YOU and your capabilities!


Third, you must be in the state of expectancy, you must be expecting to see results. The mind and body works together as a unit, not separate departments. Living in a state of expectancy is highly positive, and it makes people feel good about themselves. So if you believe you will lose weight, you better expect the best for your mind and body. Some people have small expectations where others have grandiose plans. There is nothing wrong with having BIG goals, but most do not  believe that it can happen. Therefore, most people should incorporate small changes.  Small changes overtime leads to BIG results. Having realistic expectations is what keeps people on track and successful. Why? Because you believe you can do those things or make those changes!


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