Happy New Year & Happy Promotions

The new year is here and many people feel like moving a bit more to kickstart their health after the holidays. Most people want to GO, GO, GO and push it to their max. But, if you’ve been sedentary for sometime, it’s smart to start at an appropriate level. For some, just moving is key. Whether that’d be walking up and down stairs or taking a brisk walk on the treadmill, find something that you enjoy and do it.

For others, it’s time to get help. Here at 1800 Fit, your trainer Elizabeth is here to help with any fitness goals you may have. It’s best to find resistance training exercises that are appropriate for your current fitness level. We will still offer the $100 for 5 30-minute PT sessions. You can use this for the individual or small group program on T/Th from 12-1230PM.

The only catch is that the 5 sessions need to be used within 10 business days.

Do you need to focus on your “Om” this new year? Combat stress with yoga on Tuesdays from 12:30-1:20pm. Drop in is $12, but if you sign up for the month it is only $9 / class.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at: manager@sfm-1800fit.com or at 206-576-2017

June Specials – Personal Training Promo + Yoga

Hello Tenants,

June is here and we’re offering our continuous PT promo package and yoga classes.

Yoga will be held every Tuesday, June 7-28 from 12:30-1:20pm in the large group ex room. The price is $36.00+tax for the month or $12.00 +tax Drop-In.

We will continue our offer for the five 30-minute sessions personal training package for $100. Offer valid to new clients who have not trained with us in the past. All sessions must be used within 2 weeks (10 business days). This offer applies to partner and groups (price is per person) sessions. Whether you are seeking a new routine or wanting to commit to a new fitness program, this offer is perfect to get you started with your goals.

3 Signs Your Body Needs More Exercise

Young businessman has backache at work with a laptop

Exercise is more than just a workout to flaunt a great physical appearance. Since we live sedentary work lives, our bodies require movement to maintain a healthy mind and body.  Most don’t realize that oxygen plays a large role in our well-being. When we exercise, we are forced to breathe deeper, which transports oxygen throughout our bodies. This often makes us feel refreshed and revived.

Here are three signs that your body is telling you need more exercise.

Stress and Anger – Do you get upset immediately upon reading a work email? Or are your stress levels so bad that you can’t sleep? Although stress differs for everyone, and exercise is stress, it is important to exercise to control your stress. Something calm like yoga, Pilates and swimming is therapeutic and the body adjusts to the hormones released from exercise. Even something light such as walking outside on a lunch break and pause stress and rebalance the body. Something more intense like running or weight lifting can help you release that energy during exercise rather than at work.

Stiff Joints and Body Aches
Does your back ache? Are your shoulders and hips tight? Aches and pains are some of the first signs that your body needs to move. The less it moves the more problems will occur overtime. Emotional stress can also increase muscular stiffness as the muscles tense when we are stressed. So exercise maintains stress and increases joint range of motion.

Doctor Diagnosis
Many diseases and issues such as diabetes and arthritis are rooted to a poor diet and lack of physical movement. These problems can be avoided with regular exercise and eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Once down the rabbit hole, you’ll have to follow doctor’s orders, but most people can prevent problems like Type II diabetes through a lifestyle change that includes regular exercise. Any form of exercise is metabolic conditioning. With rebalancing hormones and glycogen levels, exercise aides in healthy insulin levels.

It is very rare that exercise is a “bad thing” once diagnosed with an illness. The goal is to find the type, level and intensity that suits your current health and fitness level.

There are many more signs that indicate exercise is essential, but for most people these are the top three signs for those who work desk or corporate jobs.


Get Fit: March Training & Yoga Specials

1800 Fit would like to announce March specials available to all the tenants.

Individual & Small Group Training
Now you can get five 30-minute sessions for $100!
*Available to new time PT clients.
*Small Groups must have 3 or more people
*All sessions must be used within 2 weeks from date of purchase.

Yoga Classes
Join Puneeta every Wednesday and Friday 12:00-12:50pm in March for yoga!
Price is $72.00 for unlimited Wed./Fri. yoga classes in March.

All packages are available in the store. 

If you have any questions, please contact us at manager@sfm-1800fit.com | 206-576-2017

Core Training Series Part 3: Plank with Knee Drive

If you’ve graduated from a regular plank, it’s time to move forward to something more challenging. The plank with a knee drive occurs in various ways, but one common way is to draw knee to elbows. This stabilizes and strengthens the core and upper body musculature while integrating movement in the lower body.IMG_7332


Plank with Knee Drive

How to Perform: Situate the body into a full plank position on the hands. On the exhalation, drive the right knee toward the right elbow, and then draw the left knee toward the elbow. Continue this motion for 2 sets of 20 reps (10 reps on each side).


What is HIIT all about?

HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training is the most bang for your buck in terms of caloric exercise burn. Sitting at your desk all day is mundane and obviously a low calorie burning “activity.”

HIIT does not necessarily mean high impact, so every body can HIIT based on their current fitness level, skill and ability. HIIT training incorporates a work to rest ratio where you push it during that work time and allow your body to rest for a period of time to refresh the body and legs to perform the next bout of work. The higher intensity movement pushes the body to produce more work and volume versus steady state movement.

HIIT training can be done in a class format or is part of a personal training program. HIIT is another name for metabolic conditioning, which works the body in the higher energy system, thus producing more caloric output and EPOC.

EPOC is known as that “After burn” where bodies who produced a lot of work can experience EPOC for up to 36 hours after a hard workout. So that means your caloric output, or metabolism, is burning more calories after working out. Pretty cool huh?

Next time you want to mix it up, choose HIIT, but remember it’s smart to work with a professional so they can guide you toward the most effective yet safe methods….as you don’t want to overload on acidosis….more on that later!

Train like an Olympic Athlete

Every four years, the Olympics inspire millions of Americans with their skill, speed, power and grace. From snowboarding to ice skating, Olympic athletes put forth thousands of hours to train for these events. So what do they focus on?

It depends on the event, but Olympic athletes balance time between training for their event and training at the gym. For example, if someone wants to become a faster speed skater, the skater needs to skate and incorporate speed and power training into his routine.

Generally, the four common “goals” to training is to increase muscular strength and endurance, cardiovascular endurance and flexibility. Speed, power, velocity and quickness are components of strength, cardio and flexibility.

So how do you train like an athlete?

First, getting the mind and head into the game is essential. Thoughts are powerful and can make or break you routines and outlook on training. Second, you need to establish a baseline if you have not done so. This means that your body requires stability, mobility and a cardio  baseline before integrating higher bouts of intensity. If you have this established and been strength training than you are ready to push yourself further to more explosive movements  and/or Olympic weightlifting.

Box Jumps, Lateral Bounds and Cleans are just some of the exercises these guys work on. Get inspired now before its too late and the inspiration is put off for another 4 years.

Body Weight Training

Body weight training has been a popular training tool for the last couple years. Using various equipment, like the TRX, BOSU and Olympic rings, clients can train their bodies differently versus training on a machine.

Here are some reasons on why you should train with your own body weight:

-It’s “flexible” – People can train directly with gravity, or on angles to build up to training against gravity appropriately.

-Unstable Surfaces – Using stability balls, BOSU’s and feet in the TRX features a unique approach to training while standing or placing body parts on an unstable surface. This challenges the core to stabilize and brace in various positions.

-You can take it anywhere – Many corporate employees travel, and when you learn to train your body using gravity, that tool can be take to any hotel or park when you travel.

-It’s Fun – Exploring what your body can do is fun and exciting. Watching your skills progress builds confidence, strength and self-esteem.

There are countless ways to train with your own body weight. Start with the basics, and gradually progress to more creative ideas when you have the “hang” of using your weight and equipment. Happy Training!

How Many Calories do you eat on Thanksgiving?

Astounding research conducted by the American Council on Exercise has shown that the average Thanksgiving meal contains near 3,000 calories and 229 grams of fat. If one includes the snacking before the meal, total calories skyrocket to consume 4,500 calories in total. ACE’s chief exercise physiologist stated that for a 160 pound person, he or she would need to run for four hours, swim for five hours or walk 30 miles just to burn off the 3,000 calories.

A pound is 3,500 calories. So in essence, many Americans are eating just about or over one pound of calories for Thanksgiving meal. Usually, Halloween kick-starts the “bad eating” with sugary treats, and Thanksgiving is the start to over-eating.

Mind-shifts and perceptions about eating do not change overnight, and must be practiced to make these habits automatic. Here are a couple reminders about overeating on the holidays.

-It’s not the tryptophan that makes you sleepy. It’s the quantity of food we eat. There are other meats that contain higher grams of tryptophan than turkey. It’s the combination of heavy, dense foods that lead to this tired feeling.

-The turkey is not going to fly away from the table. If you are afraid you won’t get to enjoy enough of your favorite foods, pack a  meal to-go. Two meals is better than one anyways.

-Most people get excited about eating holiday meals. And who can blame them? But that excitement sometimes leads to scarfing the food, which leads to overfilling our stomachs. It takes the brain and stomach twenty-minutes to connect in order to distinguish the body is full. This is where eating slowly comes in handy. This allows the stomach to determine it’s full before the brain realizes it.

If you need diet advice, we are here to help! Contact us at manager@sfm-1800fit.com with questions you may have about nutrition.



Achieving Your Fitness Goal

There are many philosophies and opinions on how to achieve your fitness goals. For some, achieving their fitness goal is taken as serious as life or career goals. Below are three powerful tools to push you toward goals. And like most goal setting, it’s your mindset what makes or breaks your success.

When you set a goal, adopt these three qualities to meet your end result.


First, you must have a burning desire to achieve the goal. How strongly or how important is that goal? How will reaching your goal change your life? For some, achieving their fitness goal may mean participating in an event that they never dreamed they could before they got fit and healthy. For others, movement transforms their life to elevate their mood or maybe not be so winded when they play with their kids.


Second,you must have a strong belief that the goal is possible and within reach. This is where your mindset comes in. Our society is pretty negative about many things. What you believe, you will achieve. If you have that negative voice in the back of your head saying, “I can’t. I’m not strong enough,” then this is a clear indicator that you do not believe in YOU and your capabilities!


Third, you must be in the state of expectancy, you must be expecting to see results. The mind and body works together as a unit, not separate departments. Living in a state of expectancy is highly positive, and it makes people feel good about themselves. So if you believe you will lose weight, you better expect the best for your mind and body. Some people have small expectations where others have grandiose plans. There is nothing wrong with having BIG goals, but most do not  believe that it can happen. Therefore, most people should incorporate small changes.  Small changes overtime leads to BIG results. Having realistic expectations is what keeps people on track and successful. Why? Because you believe you can do those things or make those changes!