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Core Training Series Part 2: Plank Ups

  Plank Ups The Plank Up is an effective core and upper-body exercise to facilitate strength and execute movement against gravity. This is a “step up” for those who have graduated beyond the static plank. How to Perform: Start on the forearms and keep your feet to an appropriate width to keep your base of […]

Core Training Series Part 1 – Side Plank

Summer  is approaching, and that means everyone wants to train their “abs.” The core, which wrap around the mid-section, is vital to train more than the rectus abdominus. We’ll do a short series of photographs to give you some new ideas on how to train your mid-section. First exercise, side plank:   This exercise strengthens […]

Rest & Recovery – An integral part of Training & Living

Most people forget that rest and recovery are an integral part of training and reaching goals. Some people who are schedule orientated find themselves in the same routine week after week. There’s nothing wrong with a schedule, but in terms of training, the body is put through some incredible stress between working, training and life. […]

On Site Massage: Schedule Link, Price Fees & Times

Hello 1800 9th Avenue Tenants, Starting Thursday, March 27, 2013, On-site Massage will be available at the 1800-Fit Gym! Massage will take place in the room adjacent to the manager’s office. All table massages will be clothed. However, if you prefer the traditional oil massages, please contact Charles at feddc@hotmail.com to make special arrangements before your […]

How to Say Goodbye to Chronic Fatigue and Tiredness

Do you find yourself tired at work especially in the afternoon? Usually when this happens we often grab the nearest caffeinated beverage to keep us alert. Long-term, caffeine either becomes a required or abused substance where you find you need higher dosages of caffeine than before. If this sounds familiar, it is time to understand […]

What is HIIT all about?

HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training is the most bang for your buck in terms of caloric exercise burn. Sitting at your desk all day is mundane and obviously a low calorie burning “activity.” HIIT does not necessarily mean high impact, so every body can HIIT based on their current fitness level, skill and ability. […]

What’s Your Relationship with Food?

There are countless diets out there and has created a mountain of stress when it comes to eating. And this is not necessarily binge eating or eating because of stress as there are many people out there who do not stress eat. However, it is common to see people bouncing back and forth, or getting […]

Closed President’s Day

The Building and Gym are technically closed on Monday, February 17th in honor of President’s Day. There will not be any classes or management onsite. Classes and programs resume as normal on Tuesday February 18th.

Train like an Olympic Athlete

Every four years, the Olympics inspire millions of Americans with their skill, speed, power and grace. From snowboarding to ice skating, Olympic athletes put forth thousands of hours to train for these events. So what do they focus on? It depends on the event, but Olympic athletes balance time between training for their event and […]