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5 More Unconvential Fat-Loss Tips

In the previous article I outlined 5 unconventional fat-loss tips that you probably don’t normally hear in the media.  Below are 5 more tips that I think would be wise to follow. As mentioned in the last article, if you feel overwhelmed with all the tips, just pick 1 tip that you feel you are […]

5 Unconvential Fat-Loss Tips

  Eat less, exercise more. Try High Intensity Interval Training. Eat Paleo! Join a Crossfit gym. Do a sugar detox! Eat real food. Cardio makes you fat! Eat clean.   There is no shortage of fat loss tips like these that you can find on the internet and in popular magazines and diet books.  Unfortunately […]

Walk Your Stress Away?

You need to go for a walk. I don’t know how many times I have had this thought run through my head when working with clients.  The more I’m in the fitness industry the more I realize that many of my clients need to understand all the factors that go into leading a healthy life […]

What’s the Deal with Carbs?

I feel bad for carbs. Of all the macronutrients we consume carbohydrates probably have to be the most misunderstood one. They seem to be the evil villain of the nutrition world. I recently got a question from a client asking me my thoughts on ketosis (which is a form of carbohydrate restriction)   A (VERY) brief […]

Working Out During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is a busy time for many people, but this doesn’t mean you have to limit or even forego your workouts in the gym.  Here are a few tips to take with you to the gym to make your workout more effective and efficient during the busy holiday season.   1. Plan ahead […]

Meet our new 1800 Fit Manager – Brent Holm!

Come on downstairs next week to meet our new 1800 Fit Manager, Brent Holm. He’ll officially take over on October 4, 2014. Brent Holm is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist throughthe NSCA.  He graduated from the University of Washington with aMasters degree in education.  His expertise and areas of interestinclude functional movement, injury prevention, […]

Hydration Requirements for Summer Heat

Hydration is important, especially when the body loses plenty of heat and perspiration due to warmer weather. With Gatorade and Vitamin Water on the market, hydration is rather confusing, leading people not to  know what to drink and when. The first thing to understand if you are going for weightloss, sugary sport beverages may hinder […]

Why cross train in the summer?

Summer, that time of year where the sun is out and that time to play outdoors. It’s an ideal time to cross train since there are plenty of indoor and outdoor opportunities to move. From hiking to SUPing, the opportunities are near endless. Cross training is ideal to avoid the risk of overuse injury as […]

Core Training Series Part 4: Plank with Leg Lift

Plank with Leg Lift This plank incorporates full-body strength to properly execute this more advanced style of plank. There are two ways to execute this plank 1. Static Hold – Situate the body into a plank position on the hands. Lift your right foot off the floor, keeping the pelvis parallel to the ground, and […]