How to Say Goodbye to Chronic Fatigue and Tiredness

Do you find yourself tired at work especially in the afternoon? Usually when this happens we often grab the nearest caffeinated beverage to keep us alert. Long-term, caffeine either becomes a required or abused substance where you find you need higher dosages of caffeine than before. If this sounds familiar, it is time to understand what is going on in the human body.

First, the human body is extremely complex and science continuously discovers something new as we evolve. However, one thing that has been consistent is understanding that energy comes from the cell level. The mitochondria is known as the “powerhouse” in our cells. We increase our mitochondria with exercise, movement and healthy eating.

Exercising promotes the growth of mitochondria, thus producing more energy. Therefore, when you say “exercise makes me feel better,” it’s a combination of oxygen flowing and the production of more mitochondria. Each cell can contain numerous mitochondria. In addition, eating habits can help or hinder that mitochondria growth and production.

So when you eat either large portions or something that makes you feel lethargic, (including coffee) these foods are depleting the mitochrondria, thus leading to less energy. Long-term unhealthy choices may lead to chronic fatigue, which also couples with negative thoughts and depression.

At the cellular level, in terms of producing energy we want to increase(not zap) our mitochondria. Exercise, healthy eating and deep breathing play a huge role into equation. So if you want to say goodbye to extreme tiredness –  move more, eat healthier and keep deep breathing. It’s that simple.

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