How do feet affect posture?

The feet are the foundation of our bodies. With every step that you take, stress is transferred throughout the rest of the body. The feet and posture are synergistic to one another. Therefore, in movement the feet affect our posture and our posture affect our feet.

Individuals who experience knee, hip, back or neck pain may experience this due to the foot’s position. Flat, pronated or supinated feet impact the joints above them. Depending on the foot’s position, this shifts the rotation of the leg bones (fibula, tibia, patella and femur) and pelvis. When the lower extremity bones and joints are shifted, this in turn affects the curvature of the spinal column.

With this shift in the spine, in addition to working desk jobs and staring at smart-phones, our upper extremities adapt due to the gravitational pull. If sedentary, our postures become “humpbacked” and/or head tilting forward. Therefore, this cycle of the upper-body being “out of alignment” then further affects the lower body, especially the feet. With each footstep, stress and energy transfers to the joints. And long-term stress results in malfunction of the skeletal or musculature system. This in turn is what causes joint discomfort and / or muscular pain.

However, if someone is moving with a malfunction in their posture, the pain generally arises quicker

To find out if your feet are to blame, you can undergo a posture analysis. This analysis is included within our assessment for individual and small group personal training.


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