Do you have chronic pain?

Chronic pain is something that many Americans experience on a daily basis. Pain can be felt in a specific joint or region of the body.

It is known that approximately 80% of Americans suffer from chronic low back pain. What is most interesting about chronic pain is that there are various physical, emotional or mental triggers that increase the chronic pain. Therefore, the cause of chronic pain maybe unknown if there is not pathology to dictate a physical ailment that causes pain. An example of this would be if someone herniates a disc, he or she will most likely feel back pain.

Here are some “issues” that may contribute to chronic pain.

-Sedentary lifestyle: The soft tissues and bones in the body will adapt to the stress, or lack of stress, placed upon it. In this case, stress is considered as physical activity. There is a reason why a ballet dancer looks tall and open, compared to the desk jockey who may have a hunchback-like posture.

-Injury: Injury, whether bone or soft tissue, will obviously lead to chronic pain while the injury is healing. However, long term it is important to make sure that the soft tissue around the joint stays moist and lengthened to relieve long term pain.

-Stress: Stress is known to America’s number killer and the (in)direct cause to many issues such as a heart attack. Here’s what is most interesting, everyone channels stress to different parts in the body. This “channeling” is commonly seen in the shoulder / neck area, but for those who have suffered a severe injury may find the pain ‘reawakens’ the injured area. Thus, mental and emotional trauma or stress can cause pain.

-Asymmetrical Body: From desk jobs to wearing sling bags, our modern lifestyle hinders the human body. Uneven joints or soft tissue can lead to chronic pain in various areas of the body.

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